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My name is Ramon Schmidt.

I am the founder and owner of intact3D. 

Intact3D is your service provider for 3D photography and interactive 3D walk-throughs.

"Give us the key to your property and we will give you the key to success"

In order to achieve the best result for your project, we scan the entire object with a high-tech 5.7k 360° camera and use the latest Kuula software to create your interactive 3D walk-through.

3D Scanning + Interactive Walk-through

We are 3D scanning private and commercial properties to create interactive walk-throughs for

Real Estate, Communities, Property Management, Wholesale, Retail, Restaurants, Advertising, Hotels, Resorts, and Public Buildings (Universities, Museums, Art Galleries, and more). 

HDR Photography

We take pictures in High Dynamic Range quality. HDR is a powerful technique to capture the maximum of the details in highly contrasted scenes, such as interior photography, sunsets, and more.

2D Rendering + interactive Hotspots

On the basis of our 3D scan, we would also be happy to create a 2D floor plan for your property.

interactive Hotspots

Embed annotations and media in your digital twin to highlight key features of your property.

Real Estate/

Community Management

Increase occupancy rates, maximize engagement rates, earn higher commissions and reduce time in the market.


Give your guests a complete 3D walk-through of your property and drive higher occupancy rates.


Get the fastest and most comprehensive loss documentation solution so you can close claims faster, enable remote viewing and adjusting, and reduce disputes in property claims.





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